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RUSH Order - Expedite My Order

RUSH Order - Expedite My Order

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Need your order in a hurry? Purchase this upgrade listing with your order to be shipped (not applicable to digital items, including tarot card readings and PDFs), and we will move you to the front of the queue for the creation of your items!

➡️ This listing is for a rush order fee that will expedite the creation of your order, but it will not provide same-day service or rush shipping. It only covers the creation process and will bump your order up to the next business day.

➡️ Please note that incense, which requires a 2-3 day drying time, will still need to be dried before shipping, but we will begin hand-dipping your incense the next business day.

➡️ This does not guarantee your order will be finished in one day, just that we will begin creating your order the next business day.

Remember, this is an upgrade to bump your order to the top of the creation line the next business day, and does NOT affect shipping speed. It is also not a same-day processing, as it may take several days to create your order.

What it does mean is that we will begin work on your purchase the very next business day instead of the normal wait time. Our normal wait time varies from 4-10 business days as we normally process purchases in the order they were received. This purchase ensures that we begin work on your order much sooner than we normally would!

We kindly want to remind you that this rush order fee is not meant for same-day service or item orders. It is solely intended to expedite the process of creating your order.

In addition to this listing, you will still need to order a physically-shipped item, and THIS FEE DOES NOT APPLY TO SHIPPING. Please note that your order will be shipped according to the method you selected for your other items during checkout. ➡️ This is not for rush shipping.

As a result of high demand, we are unable to accommodate same-day orders. However, this listing will ensure that your order creation is given priority and will be processed on the next business day (excluding major US holidays). ➡️➡️ Please be aware that certain items, such as incense, may require a 2-3 day drying time, but we will begin hand-dipping your incense on the next business day to expedite the process.

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