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At checkout, the shipping costs will adjust automatically to combine the weights of the items you purchased. This means that the shipping cost will be the exact amount it would cost us to ship your items. Plus, if you buy more than one item, it will automatically adjust the shipping cost to be lower.

Let's say you purchase two items with shipping costs of $5.50 each. At checkout, the shipping cost will be reduced to approximately $6.15. 

Please allow a period of two to four weeks for the creation and shipment of your order, with minor exceptions such as pre-made resin items or gift cards. Because there are likely orders ahead of yours, the time to create them is only after we have finished creating and packaging the orders before yours, resulting in an overall processing time of two-four weeks. We take great pride in our handmade products, and each item is created specifically for you at the time of your order. This process requires time and attention to detail, so we appreciate your patience as we work to perfect your order. As a small business operated by two individuals, we receive a high volume of orders daily from both our website and our Etsy shop, and strive to complete them as promptly as possible. Estimated creation and shipment times are available in a table located a few paragraphs below.

We also have many customers, and we treat each other with the same care and energy as you would like your order to be created with, so please allow us time to process customer orders in the order they were received. Because there may be many other orders ahead of yours, if you need your order sooner for special reasons, please contact us to see if we can accomodate your shipping date needs.

Creation and preparation times vary depending on the product you selected. For instance, our hand-dipped incense requires a drying period of 2-3 days after being soaked for 24 hours, resulting in a total creation time of approximately 4-5 days for our hand-dipped charcoal incense sticks and cones, including the labeling and packaging process. Candles require 1-3 days for creation, labeling, and packaging based on size, type (spell candles), and quantity. Our tarot card readings, oracle readings, rune readings, and Reiki services receive a response within 24-48 hours, while our PDF files are instantly available upon purchase.

Upon the completion of your order in our small cabin creation studio in the Ozark Mountains, we proceed to the labeling and packing stage (pre-transit), where we meticulously create, print, and attach appropriate labels to your item(s) before carefully packaging them for shipment. 

During peak periods, including winter holidays, Labor Day, Black Friday/Cyber Monday, Samhain/Halloween, and other Sabbats, please allow us extra time to create and ship your order, as we are a small business operated by only two individuals.

After completing the creation and preparation of your order, we ship it via USPS. Depending on the delivery option you selected during checkout, domestic delivery times after shipment range from 2-10 business days. Once your package transfers to USPS, we are not accountable for any delays during transit, lost packages, mis-delivered packages, delays due to inclement weather or acts of god(s), or any other carrier-related issues. 

For questions regarding your shipment once we have shipped it out, please contact USPS at (800) 275-8777.

Once we have shipped your package, you will be provided with a tracking number which you can use to track your package, which you can find in the Your Account section of our website.

General Creation and Packaging Times Prior To Shipping
(If Your Order Includes...)
Incense Candles or Wax Melts Tarot Reading Mystery Boxes Bath & Body
7-10 business days 3-7 business days 24-48 hrs 3-10 business days (depending on size of box) 2-5 business days

Kindly note that the creation and packaging times provided are estimations and subject to possible extensions due to unforeseen circumstances, holidays, sales, and other external factors. It is our assurance that we value every single one of our esteemed clients, and we shall diligently work to ensure the timely creation and shipping of your order.  Because there are likely orders ahead of yours, the time to create them is only after we have finished creating and packaging the orders before yours, resulting in an overall processing time of two-four weeks.

Our standard processing time is 3-4 weeks, as we carefully handcraft each order in the sequence they are received. However, we understand the importance of special occasions and are happy to accommodate time-sensitive requests. To ensure timely delivery, please indicate any special deadlines, such as the birthday or anniversary day, in the comments when making a purchase or reach out to us through our contact page or via email at We will make every effort to ship the order in time for the special day if we have at least one week's notice. If the date is within seven days of your request, we cannot guarantee delivery in time, but we will strive to meet your needs.

If the order is a gift, please provide us with any relevant details, such as the recipient's favorite colors, interests, or hobbies. We will incorporate as many of these personalized touches as possible into the gift package.


In order to prevent fires or accidents, always keep the following in mind when burning our candles:

1) ALWAYS keep the wick trimmed to 1/4" or less.

2) DON'T burn candles for more than 4 hours or when there's less than 1/4" wax left. For tealights or small candles, burn for 30 minutes max and avoid letting the wax get too low.

3) Before lighting the candle, REMOVE any loose dressings, flowers, or herbs. This will ensure the safe and effective use of the candle.

4) Our metal tins conduct heat very well. DO NOT burn on wood surfaces or on/around other flammable objects. It is important to use a fireproof surface that doesn't conduct heat or is specifically designed for candle use. Do not touch the hot tin.

Yes. The fragrance is the same for each listing. To make things easier for our patrons, we have multiple listings for our products. Rest assured, each fragrance for a deity, sabbat, zodiac sign, or entity is the same regardless of the listing. These additional listings just make it easier for everyone to find what they're looking for and maybe even stumble upon something new!

Because we create our wax melts and candles in tiny batches, the tint of the color may vary slightly from batch to batch. But the overall color will remain the same. For example, dark blue will still be a generally darker blue color, and light blue will still be a generally lighter blue, but the tint of the color may vary.

Each candle and wax melt we make is individually handmade to order when your order is placed, therefore each is a work of art, and may not look exactly like the product photos, but will still have the same perfect intent for the deity, sabbat, or zodiac sign of your choice. Botanicals may vary by availability but will still be appropriate for the candle or wax melt of your choice. Charms received will vary.

While we used to accommodate requests for custom deity candles, it unfortunately soon overwhelmed our ability to keep stock for all possible deities, so we have decided at this time to only serve what is available in our shop for the deities we currently have.

Don't worry, it's totally safe to light up our candles that have embedded charms and crystals inside! Just make sure to remove any loose toppings, especially herbs and botanicals before burning. However, it is preferable to remove the charms and any toppings you are able to easily remove before burning for the optimal burning of your candle.  For more helpful tips, be sure to check out the card that comes with each goodie bag!

 Don't worry - our charms are fire-resistant, so you can leave them in until the wax starts to melt a bit and then remove them with tweezers. If you prefer, you can also take them out when the candle is not lit using tweezers. Our charms are only placed on top of the wax when it's almost completely cooled, and we cover only the hole at the top of the charm with a very thin layer of wax. To remove the charm, you can use tweezers or even a small toothpick or similar tool to lift it gently. And if you want to remove the charm while the candle is lit, no problem! Simply wait until the top layer of wax begins to melt, then use tweezers to remove it. 

DURING WARMER MONTHS, we can't guarantee that USPS will deliver your candles or wax melts before they melt slightly, especially if you are in a warmer area such as the Southern United States or California. This can especially happen with our tealight candle samples.  Unfortunately, we have no control over how long USPS keeps these packages in hot trucks with no air conditioning. So, if this occurs, try putting the melts or candle into your refrigerator for a few minutes before opening or using your wax melts or candle. If a lot melts or you have any other issues, please don't hesitate to contact us at with a photo of the item, and we will absolutely make it right with you! 

Fragrance and Tealight Samples

Our tealight samples are created as fragrance samplers. While our deity candles are imbued with positive energy and blessings, we do not consecrate the tealight candle samples in the name of the deity. This is because some individuals purchase our candles simply based on their fragrance and not for spiritual or religious purposes. There is no need to worry, as our tealight samples are created for "general reception." This means they can be used by anyone, regardless of their spiritual path or experience level. You are free to use the tealight sample for its intended purpose - to enjoy its fragrance - or for any other use you see fit without fear of any unwanted or adverse effects.

We completely understand that evaluating a fragrance online can be challenging. Therefore, we would like to offer you a sample of the fragrance with your order. The next time you place an order, request a tealight or incense cone sample of the fragrance your would like to try in the special request notes (or alternatively email us at, and we will be delighted to send it to you. This way, you can try it out and see if you like it before making a purchase. We're always happy to take requests for samples with an order.

Note we do not send samples individually without placing an order.  Samples will only be sent along with an order you have already placed that has not shipped.

This is a complicated question, as everyone likes different types of fragrances.  For example, my neighbor absolutely loves this fragrance called "Flannel," but to me, it smells more like fermented fruit.  I personally love the scent of lavender, but my partner only tolerates it in small doses.  Everyone's tastes differ, and we don't want you to receive a product that you don't enjoy.  Therefore, we hesitate to give any personal recommendations for fragrances that you would enjoy.  

Our shop stands out for its unique focus on creating fragrances specifically designed for spiritual and ritual purposes, a departure from traditional perfumery. At Ozark Moons, we specialize in crafting scents that foster spiritual connections, each one named after a god, goddess, or deity and often used in ritual settings. We acknowledge that our approach may differ from what you're accustomed to, which is why we refrain from making specific fragrance recommendations.

While we don't provide personal fragrance recommendations, we're delighted to offer you the chance to experience our unique fragrances. When you place an order, you can request samples of up to two scents. Simply note your choices in the order, and we'll send you a tealight candle infused with your selected fragrance. This way, you can immerse yourself in the scent before deciding to make a purchase.

Rest assured, we provide detailed descriptions of each fragrance, including its scent profile and notes, which are always available on the product page.  We can guide you on whether a fragrance is water-based, earthy, or floral, helping you to make an informed choice.  However, personal preferences are subjective, so we refrain from making individual recommendations.  We appreciate your understanding of our approach.

Other Questions

If you have purchased a shipped item (not digital, or a tarot or oracle reading), then we will include a small free gift/gifts with your shipped order. Free gifts may include but are not limited to, incense, wax melts, teas, seeds, herbs, stickers, crystals, jewelry charms, and more.

We do not currently have the supplies or room to cater as a wholesale provider to others. Ozark Moons is a very small two-person hobby that has led to us sharing our hobby with others, and we are simply not set up for wholesale production. Each order is carefully made and created for each and every customer, individually, and no two packages will be exactly alike.

If you have a question that you don't see answered here, please contact us either via email at or by visiting the contact form on our website at  We will get back to you as soon as we can!

Here are a few helpful tips for placing a gift order at Ozark Moons for that special someone:

  • When placing your order, we highly value your input. Please consider leaving a note to the seller in the comments box or personalization box, indicating that it is a gift order. This small action, whether or not you decide to add a gift wrap or a card, allows us to put in a gift receipt and add special touches. Knowing that your order is a gift for someone's birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion helps us make it even more special.

  • It's important to keep in mind that our order processing times are typically 3-4 weeks. This is because each order is made-to-order at the time of purchase, and we create them in the order they were received. To avoid any last-minute rush, we recommend ordering as far ahead of time as possible. If there's a specific date for their special celebration, please let us know. This way, we can ensure that your gift reaches your recipient in time, making their special day even more memorable.

  • When you mention that your order is a gift in the comments or personalization box, it's not just about the label. It's an opportunity for you to share more about the gift recipient. Their first name and, if you know them, their favorite colors, interests, or hobbies, can help us create a unique gift package. This way, your gift becomes more than just an item; it becomes a reflection of your thoughtfulness and care, making it truly one-of-a-kind.

  • If you would like us to ship the package directly to them, rest assured that we will handle this process with the utmost care. Simply enter their address in the shipping address at checkout, with your address in the billing address section. Double-check to make sure their address has been entered correctly. Alternatively, you can have the package shipped to you by entering your address in the shipping address section at checkout to present the gifts to them yourself.

Thank you for choosing Ozark Moons for all your gifting needs! We are renowned for our custom gift cards and unique personalizations, ensuring that every gift you order from us is truly special and memorable.

Tarot Readings

Your reading will be sent to you via email with photographs of your reading as well.

We regret to inform you that we do not offer tarot decks for sale on our platform. Our shop only provides tarot card readings. It is important to note that every tarot card listing on our platform refers to a tarot card reading. While we may occasionally include tarot card decks in our mystery box, this does not imply that we sell tarot or oracle card decks in our shop. We strongly advise our customers to carefully read all product descriptions before making a purchase. Our mystery boxes are designed to offer an element of surprise, and as such, we cannot accommodate specific requests. We appreciate your understanding and assure you of our commitment to providing quality services.

Wishlists and Save For Later

At Ozark Moons it is easy to add any of our items to multipler personal wishlists, as well as a "Save for Later" list!  

First, be sure you are logged into our website on your phone or laptop.  The login page is here:

If you haven't registered, please register for a free account before using our Wishlist app.

Once you are logged in, you will be able to see a floating heart on the bottom left side of every page, and a small static (non-moving) heart at the top right of every page to far right.  You can click either of these hearts to access your wishlists.

Access Your Wishlists

Adding an item to your wishlist is easy!  On the product pages, you can simply click the "Add to Wishlist" button below the "Add To Cart" button on any product page as such:

How to add to your wishlist

If you are on a laptop, you can also click on the hearts above any products on our homepage or in the category listing pages as you can see in this screenshot:

Click the hearts to add an item to your wishlist.

Once you have added an item to your wishlist, you can also do the following:

-  Create multiple wishlists
-  Add, Copy, Rename, or Delete Wishlists
-  Share your wishlists via email or social media
-  Move items from your wishlist or save for later to your cart

Here is a quick video demonstrating how to use our wishlists:


If, for any reason, this isn't working for you, it's likely an issue with the cache of the browser you are using on your phone or computer to access our website.   If this is the case, and you are using an Android phone (we can't troubleshoot iPhones, sorry!), you can go to Settings>Apps, then locate the browser you use (for example, Chrome), click on it, then going to "Storage", then "Clear Cache".  If you are using a laptop or desktop computer, please Google "How to Clear My Cache in __________ (insert name of the browser you use here, e.g. Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc.) and proceed to clear your browser's cache.  Deleting your computer's temporary files by using Disk Cleanup on your laptop or desktop may also help.  Once you have cleared your cache, reboot your device, then re-access our website and it should be working!

If for any reason, none of the above works, please use the Contact Us page on our website to send us a message, and we will get back to you ASAP!