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Mystery Box for Pagans, Witches with Curios, Crystals, Herbs, Candles, Tea, Incense, Wax Melts - Magickal Witchcraft Grab Bag - Free Gifts

Mystery Box for Pagans, Witches with Curios, Crystals, Herbs, Candles, Tea, Incense, Wax Melts - Magickal Witchcraft Grab Bag - Free Gifts

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Mystery Box Size


Discover the excitement of a mystery box filled with enchantment! 🌟 Take a look at our glowing reviews to see the amazing items and reactions from our satisfied customers! We meticulously select and present each mystery item with care.

Mini-Mystery Bag = 3-5 items
Small box = 5-10 items
Medium box = 10-20 items
Large box = 20-25 items
HUGE Mystery Box = 25+ items

Excitement is in the air! What could be hiding in that mysterious box? You're in for a treat because every box is a surprise! Just take a peek at some of the amazing photos from happy customers 🤗 to get a sense of what treasures you may discover inside. Your box could contain any of these fantastic items:

✨Tumbled and/or rough gemstones and crystals
✨Candles - crystal candles, 4 oz or 8 oz candles, tea lights, chime candles (scented and unscented available)
✨Gods & Goddesses or Sabbat Wax Melts
✨Witchy Canvas Zipper Pouches with Pagan Designs
✨Velvet Tarot Card Bags
✨Pendulum Boards
✨Magickal Herb Samples
✨Tarot Card Trays (made from resin)
✨Resin Athames
✨Reiki Healing Sessions
✨Incense Cones
✨Incense sticks
✨Loose incense resins
✨Tarot Cards
✨Thoth Tarot Card Readings
✨Purification Bath Salts
✨Gemstone/Crystal Chips
✨Tarot Card Stickers
✨Herbal Soaps
✨Graveyard dirt
✨Various Teas (looseleaf or bagged)
✨Resin pendants
✨Offering bowls
✨Charms for Spell Bottles
✨Incense burners/holders
✨Bath Salts and Bath Herbs
And more!

Kindly inform us if you have any allergies or specific requirements. Additionally, please indicate if you prefer not to receive animal oddities, such as bones. We assure you that every item in the box will be delightful and tailored to your preferences.

Please keep in mind that your box is unique and may contain a diverse array of items not listed here. We take pride in making sure you get your money's worth! Your box may even include some hidden gems that you might find in an antique store or flea market. All items are handpicked to delight and entertain you. Although we cannot guarantee any specific item, you can always browse through our shop and customer feedback photos to get a glimpse of what your box may hold.

***All of our goods are made with the happiest of vibes and gratitude for the gifts of Mother Earth. We hope that energy travels along with our products to you****


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