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Discover a world of handmade pagan and metaphysical products, tarot readings, and unique creations tailored to your needs with Ozark Moons. Our fragrances and altar decorations are all custom-designed to ensure your spiritual journey is uniquely yours. As a small business run by two married LGBT+ US Navy veterans, we take pride in delivering exceptional customer service and fast shipping. Explore our customer reviews and photos to see how we can help you on your personal spiritual journey.

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Each of our fragrances is a custom blend, specially designed for our ritual and offering candles, wax melts, and incense cones and sticks. We also provide one-of-a-kind handmade skull candles, Pagan and Wiccan printables, printable Book of Shadows, and handmade resin altar decorations, all tailored to your specific needs. Read our customer reviews and browse our photos to see how we can help you on your spiritual journey.

Our humble community in the Ozarks of Missouri has recently expanded our reach online, bringing our magick to the world. We take pride in our fast shipping, personalized packaging, and attentive care for every order.

We are committed to delivering exceptional customer service and unbeatable deals that demonstrate our gratitude for your trust and support of our small business. As two married LGBT+ US Navy veterans, we appreciate your business and are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality products and services.


 Co-Owner Lexi Co-Owner Micah
I'm Lexi and I'm a 50-year-old transgender woman and pagan practitioner of 35 years. I love to cook and garden, and to create new things from my bare hands. I put all my love and energy into what I do. Hello! I'm a 44-year-old transgender man from deep the Ozarks of Missouri. I have been a gardener, plant lover, and pagan for over 20 years. I love to grow plants, and I love getting in touch with my spirituality.


⭐ Important Candle Safety Information - We Are NOT Responsible For Accidents or Injuries to People or Property Due to Misuse of our Candles or Not Following The Instructions Below:

In order to prevent fires or accidents, always keep the following in mind when burning our candles:

1) ALWAYS keep the wick trimmed to 1/4" or less.

2) DON'T burn candles for more than 4 hours or when there's less than 1/4" wax left. For tealights or small candles, burn for 30 minutes max and avoid letting the wax get too low.

3) Before lighting the candle, REMOVE any loose dressings, flowers, or herbs. This will ensure the safe and effective use of the candle.

4) Our metal tins conduct heat very well. DO NOT burn on wood surfaces or on/around other flammable objects. It is important to use a fireproof surface that doesn't conduct heat or is specifically designed for candle use. Do not touch the hot tin.

⭐ Note: We would like to bring to your attention that we always include scented items as complimentary gifts with each order. If you prefer not to receive any scented items, please do not hesitate to inform us during checkout or by sending us a private message. We kindly remind you that you are responsible for notifying us if you do not wish to receive any scented items as part of your free gift. We truly appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

⭐ SHIPPING ADDRESS: We use the shipping address that you give us when you check out. USPS confirms shipping addresses to US locations. We will only ship to the USPS-verified address unless we have it in writing that you want me to ship to an alternative address. We are NOT responsible for delivery delays due to incorrect or incomplete addresses or your failure to provide your current and accurate address upon checkout. If your order is returned to us as "undeliverable," you will have to pay for shipping again to get it re-sent. Please note that if you use PayPal or other online payment systems, your address will likely default to the one on file with the payment processor. If you have recently moved, please make sure that you have updated your address with all payment processors and on our website.