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NYX Charcoal Incense Sticks and Cones - Greek Primordial Goddess of the Night Offering - Witch Witchcraft Pagan Incense, Nyx Ritual Incense

NYX Charcoal Incense Sticks and Cones - Greek Primordial Goddess of the Night Offering - Witch Witchcraft Pagan Incense, Nyx Ritual Incense

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Experience the essence of the primordial goddess of the night with our Nyx fragrance. This exquisite offering is specifically designed to appease the powerful Greek deity Nyx. Crafted from a unique blend of Sandalwood, Amyris, Frankincense, Amber Musk, and Myrrh to create a truly enchanting fragrance. Give yourself or someone special the gift of pure, mystical fragrance with our incense cones and sticks.

Experience the ultimate in soothing and fragrant incense with our pure charcoal cones and sticks. Unlike other options on the market, our incense doesn't contain any wood filler, giving you the clearest and purest scent with less smoke.

NYX was the goddess of the night, one of the primordial gods (protogenoi) who emerged as the dawn of creation. Regarded as one of the original gods to emerge, she was brought forth from Khaos (Chaos, Air), and through coupling with Erebos (Darkness), she gave birth to Aither (Aether, Light) and Hemera (Day). In addition, she brought forth a group of dark spirits, including Sleep, Death, Strife, Pain, and the three Fates.

Nyx was an ancient deity who embodied the very essence of the night. She was renowned for draping a veil of dark mists across the sky, which would obscure the light of Aither and allow the shining blue of the heavens to be visible. Her opposite was Hemera (Day), who dispelled the mists of the night at dawn.

In ancient art, Nyx was often depicted as a winged goddess or charioteer, sometimes adorned with a crown of dark mists. Her portrayal was a testament to the power she possessed and her importance among the gods.

Scent: Frankincense, Myrrh, Amyris, Sandalwood, Amber Musk,

Incense Cone Burning Instructions:

πŸŒ› Prepare a place to set your incense cone after it is lit. You should pick a fireproof surface that won't be damaged by heat or direct fire, such as an incense burner specially made for burning incense cones, foil on top of the sand in a large clay or metal container, Anything that's heat-resistant and will hold the cone is a suitable container. Make sure you place the container away from anything flammable, such as curtains, lampshades, or paper.

πŸŒ› Light the smallest end of the incense cone at the tip. You will want to keep the end lit with a flame on it for 30-60 seconds, or until the tip of the cone glows orange *all the way across it* when the flame is extinguished. You want a nice, solid orange glow at the top of the incense cone - once you've established a nice solid orange glow on the top, extinguish the flame by blowing it out, or using a candle snuffer if you prefer. If it is not lit thoroughly before extinguishing the flame, your cone will not burn, it will just go out, so keep it lit with a flame until you achieve that solid orange coal burning.

πŸŒ› After getting the top lit with a strong orange burn and then extinguishing the flame itself, set the incense cone down on your prepared surface or incense cone burner and enjoy!

All incense will produce smoke, but our incense smoke is only pure fragrance, unlike most incense which is made mostly of wood filler. Without wood filler, you get pure fragrance!


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