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Mega-Bundle Candles and Incense - Sabbats, Deities, and Zodiac - 6 Tealights, 4 oz and 8 oz Candles, and Charcoal Incense Cones

Mega-Bundle Candles and Incense - Sabbats, Deities, and Zodiac - 6 Tealights, 4 oz and 8 oz Candles, and Charcoal Incense Cones

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If you're in search of a comprehensive collection for your preferred deity, sabbat, or zodiac, look no further! Ozark Moons has just released a "mega-bundle" set, featuring all the essentials you need. This package includes:

6 (pagan symbol) tealight candles
4 oz Candle plus associated crystals and botanicals (see list below)
8 oz Candle plus associated crystals and botanicals (see list below)
20 incense cones

✨ Must all be the same fragrance (your choice)
✨ Tealights and candles will all be the same color (your choice of color)

Our container candles are crafted with utmost care and infused with positive energy, offering an impressive scent throw that lingers for a long time. We use eco-friendly waxes and fragrance oils to create each candle, which can be further beautified with shimmery mica, herb or flower botanicals, and genuine crystal chips to pay homage to various deities or sabbats. You can choose from a range of deities or mythology fragrances to find your perfect match.

Made to order – allow a 2-3 day processing time to make the candles, which we then cure for 24 hours.

>> Mythology and Deities Fragrances:

Some scents are stronger, while others are subtler. Contact us for recommendations!

Anubis - Papyrus and Linen Cloth (with Cypress and Hematite)
Aphrodite - Apples, Incense, Lily (with Rose Petals and Rose Quartz)
Apollo - Amber, Sunlight, Citrus (with Calendula and Pyrite)
Artemis - Sandalwood, Suede, Musk (with Mugwort and Moonstone)
Athena - Incense, Vanilla, Wisdom (with Amethyst and Rose Petals)
Azrael - Black Amber, Sandalwood, Lavender (with Amethyst and Lavender Buds)
Baron Samedi - Smoke, Tobacco, Vanilla (with Tobacco leaves and Black Tourmaline)
Bast - Bergamot, Amber Incense, Musk (with Catnip leaves and Tiger's Eye)
Belial - Smoke, Cologne, Musk (with Red Garnet and Cloves)
Dagda - Patchouli, Dark Amber Musk, Spices (with Amethyst and Chamomile)
Danu - Rain, Petrichor, Ozone (with Mugwort and Green & Blue Fluorite)
Demeter - Harvest, Autumn, Fall Leaves (with Mint and Garnet)
Eros - Black Musk, Pepper, Midnight Air, Gunpowder (with Rose Quartz and Red Roses)
Freyja - Amber Musk, Cocoa (with Peach & Pink Rose Petals and Labradorite)
Freyr - Oakwood, Moss, Fern (with Patchouli leaves and Moss Agate)
Gitche Manitou - Peace Pipe Tobacco, Warm Vanilla, Tonka Bean (with Tobacco leaves and Obsidian)
Hades - Firewood, Smoke, Gunpowder, Cologne (with Cypress and Obsidian)
Hecate - Dark Amber, Frankincense & Myrrh, Vetiver, Musk (with Moonflowers and Obsidian)
Inanna (Ishtar) - Amber, Patchouli, Musk (with White Lotus petals and Moonstone)
Inari Okami - Caramel, tobacco leaf, black tea (with Black Tea leaves and Rice)
Isis - Warm Vanilla, Cashmere (with blue lotus and lapis lazuli)
Lakshmi - Sea Salt, Hibiscus, Happiness (with Hibiscus petals and Rose Quartz)
Lilith - Cinnamon, Spices, Musk (with Rose Petals and Obsidian)
Loki - High-end Men's Cologne, Sea Salt, Tricks (with Mistletoe and Adventurine)
Lucifer - Smoke, Amber Incense, Cologne (with Whole Cloves and Obsidian)
Luna - Incense, Silver Pine, Clove (with Moonflowers and Moonstone)
Mama Oya - Petrichor, Rain, Thunderstorms, Damp Earth (with Roses and Garnet)
Maman Brigitte - Oakmoss, Voodoo, and Petitgrain (with Rose Petals and Raw Garnet)
Morrigan – Patchouli, Spices, Nutmeg (with Red Rose Petals and Obsidian)
Njord - Black Amber, Sea Mist, Lavender (with Blue Lotus, Sea Salt, and Aquamarine)
Nyx - Frankincense, Amyris, Amber Musk, Myrrh, Sandalwood (with Moonflowers and Black Tourmaline)
Odin - Agarwood, Tobacco, Oak Tree (with Mugwort and Tiger's Eye)
Osiris - Warmth, Autumn, Amber, Smoky Woods (with Lotus Blossoms and Carnelian)
Papa Legba - Cigar Tobacco, Warm Amber, and Oakmoss (with Mugwort Leaves, Tobacco Leaves, and Obsidian)
Persephone - Aquatic Florals, Rosemary, Smoked Vanilla (With Rosemary and Garnet)
Plutus - Bergamot, Money, Musk (with Patchouli Leaves and Pyrite)
Poseidon - Lily, Black Amber, Tobacco (with Blue Lotus Blossoms and Aquamarine)
Proteus - Sea Breeze, Cologne, Ocean (with Rainbow Fluorite and Blue Lotus)
Ra - Amber, Egyptian Musk, Sandalwood (with Calendula Petals and Carnelian)
Shiva - Sandalwood Incense, Altars, Vanilla (with Sandalwood Chips and Rainbow Fluorite)
Silvanus - Smoke, Woods, Smoked Oud (with Patchouli and Tiger's Eye)
Tammuz - Hay, Crisp Leaves, Autumn Air (with Mint and Green Aventurine)
Thor - Sandalwood, White Birch, Mahogany Teakwood (with Juniper Berries and Garnet)
Thoth - Egyptian Musk, Patchouli, Amber (with White Lotus and Lapis Lazuli)
Tu'er Shen (Ta Yeh) - Smoke, Vanilla, Love (with Dried Carrot Slices and Rainbow Crystals)
Vulcan - Smoked Vanilla, Charcoal, Tonka Bean (with Fennel Seed and Obsidian)
Zeus - Earth, Woods, Lightning (with Celery Leaf and Lapis Lazuli)

Ozark Moons House Blend - A delightfully ancient incense scent with Amber, Dragon's Blood, Nag Champa, Patchouli, Palo Santo, and Sandalwood

Log Cabin in the Ozarks - Teakwood, Mahogany, Cedar Wood, Amber, and Oak (With Sandalwood chips, green adventurine, and tiger's eye crystal chips)

Wiccan and Pagan Sabbat Fragrances:

Yule - vanilla bean, evergreen, candy canes, yuletide cheer (With Green Adventurine, Red Garnet, and Pine or Juniper Leaves)
Imbolc - red oak wood, cedarwood, sweet tobacco (With Amethyst Chips and Bay Leaves)
Ostara - China rain, sea salt, spring blossoms (With Rose Quartz and Chamomile)
Beltane - clean flannel, bergamot, musk (With Green Adventurine and Rose Petals)
Litha (Midsummers) - Egyptian amber, incense, musk (With Lavender Buds and Tiger's Eye Crystal Chips)
Lammas (Lughnasadh) - hayrides, fall air, crisp leaves (With Calendula Petals and Iron Pyrite Crystals)
Mabon - harvest fragrances, warm flannels, fall leaves (With Carnelian and Chamomile)
Samhain - smoky woods, dark incense, autumn nights (With Calendula Petals and Obsidian crystals)

Never leave candles unattended, as melted wax is scalding hot and flammable. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not eat or ingest wax. Avoid skin contact with melted wax. Keep the wick trimmed to 1/4" or less! Do not burn for longer than 4 hours at a time. Do not burn below 1/4" of the bottom of the candle.

DURING WARMER MONTHS, slight melting may occur during shipping. If this happens, put the candle into your refrigerator for a few minutes before opening and using it.

Why shop Ozark Moons
Each product is individually crafted in our tiny home studio in the Ozarks of Missouri. Our exclusive scents are custom blends for deities and holidays that cannot be found or replicated anywhere else. In addition, we only use eco-friendly fragrances, and add more of them, to our wax melts and candles for a delightfully stronger-smelling product that is visually beautiful, too!

Questions? Please contact us.

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