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MAMAN BRIGITTE 4 oz Offering Candle - Loa of the Dead - With Garnet and Roses - Pagan Hoodoo Ritual Candles for Wiccan Wicca Voodoo Voudon

MAMAN BRIGITTE 4 oz Offering Candle - Loa of the Dead - With Garnet and Roses - Pagan Hoodoo Ritual Candles for Wiccan Wicca Voodoo Voudon

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MAMAN BRIGITTE, Loa of the Dead, Consort to Baron Samedi

These candles would make a wonderful tribute to Maman Brigitte, the Loa of the Dead. The scent of Haitian Musk, Warm Amber, and hints of perfume and leather make these candles a perfect fit for any altar or sacred space. They are adorned with blood-red tumbled garnet gemstone chips and our own homegrown dried red rose petals and are poured into a beautiful 4 oz black and gold candle with a lid featuring a Maman Brigitte veve design. These candles are the ideal choice for honoring Maman Brigitte.

Maman Brigitte, also called Manman Brigitte, Gran Brigitte, Grann Brigitte, Manman, Manman Brigit, and Maman Brijit, is a death loa of Haitian Vodou. She is the consort of Baron Samedi and is known for her love of rum infused with hot peppers. Her symbol is a black rooster, and she is notorious for being foul-mouthed, just like Samedi and the Guede. Additionally, she is the adoptive mother of Guede Nibo.

Throughout history, Manman Brijit has been syncretized and represented by various saints, typically those depicted with fire or snakes, including Brigid of Kildare and Mary Magdalene. Nonetheless, she is frequently syncretized with Saint Brigid or the Celtic Goddess Brigid.

Unlike other loas, Maman Brigitte is portrayed as white and often depicted in bright, sexually suggestive costumes. She is both feminine and dangerous.

Like her Celtic counterpart, Maman Brigitte is a powerful healer who helps her followers travel to the afterlife if she cannot heal or cure them.

Maman Brigitte is a protectress who will watch over women who seek her assistance, especially in domestic violence, unfaithful lovers, or childbirth.

As the consort of Baron Samedi, Brigitte is linked to death and cemeteries.

Scent: Haitian Musk, Warm Amber, Perfume, Leather
Crystals: Raw Garnet
Herb/Flower: Red Rose Petals

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