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MAMA OYA Charcoal Incense Sticks and Cones - Orisha of Storms, Rain, Death, and Rebirth - Voodoo, Santaria, Witch, Offering, Ritual

MAMA OYA Charcoal Incense Sticks and Cones - Orisha of Storms, Rain, Death, and Rebirth - Voodoo, Santaria, Witch, Offering, Ritual

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Experience the essence of the powerful Mother Orisha of Storms, Rain, Death, and Re-Birth with our Mama Oya fragrance. Infused with the invigorating aroma of a thunderstorm, this fragrance boasts top notes of petrichor and rain, complemented by subtle hints of damp earth and ozone. Give yourself or someone special the gift of pure, mystical fragrance with our incense cones and sticks.

Experience the ultimate in soothing and fragrant incense with our pure charcoal cones and sticks. Unlike other options on the market, our incense doesn't contain any wood filler, giving you the clearest and purest scent with less smoke.

Oyá, also known as Oiá or Yàńsàn-án, is a remarkable orisha that symbolizes the power of nature. She is the embodiment of the winds, lightning, and violent storms, representing the cycle of death and rebirth. Her strength and prowess are comparable to the Haitian lwa Maman Brigitte, who is syncretized with the Christian Saint Brigit.

The name "Ọya" is derived from "O ya," meaning "she tore," which accurately describes her fierce and unyielding character. Oyá is also known as "mother of nine" or Ọya-Ìyáńsàn-án in Yorùbá, due to the nine stillborn children she gave birth to, after a lifetime of barrenness. She is considered the patron of the Niger River (Odò-Ọya) and is highly respected for her influence and power.

Oyá Yansá is the owner of winds and storms, bringing change, whether it is desired or not, into the lives of humans. She is renowned as the most ferocious of the female Orichás, and she fights side by side with Changó in many battles. Wielding two swords and lightning, Oyá guards the gates of the cemetery, ensuring that the boundary between life and death is respected. She is also known to wear a mask to protect her privacy.

Oyá's army is composed of egun (spirits of the dead), and she uses violent winds to blow away everything in her path. Her movements are abrupt and violent, causing her skirts to fly around her. Tornadoes, it is believed, are caused by the whirlwind of her skirts as she dances. Oyá's full skirt is made of nine different colored pieces of cloth, often topped with a skirt of dried palm fibers, creating a stunning visual effect.

Her initiates often wear nine copper bracelets in her honor, as her number is nine, and her metal is copper. Oyá is highly respected as the patroness of the marketplace, representing the symbol of transition and change in the human world. Offerings for Oyá are often left in the marketplace, and her influence is felt far and wide. It is said that her clothing, which contains nine colors, is why the rainbow, also made up of different hues, belongs to Oyá.

In conclusion, Oyá is a remarkable orisha, who inspires awe and admiration in those who honor her. Her strength, ferocity, and power are unparalleled, and her influence is felt in many aspects of life. She is a force of change, representing the cycle of life, death, and rebirth, and her representation of nature's power is truly remarkable.

Pure charcoal incense can improve air quality when compared to regular wood-based incense and offers a more potent fragrance experience - try them today!


Every physical order comes with free samples and free gifts!

Incense Cone Burning Instructions:

🌛 Prepare a place to set your incense cone after it is lit. You should pick a fireproof surface that won't be damaged by heat or direct fire, such as an incense burner specially made for burning incense cones, foil on top of the sand in a large clay or metal container, Anything that's heat-resistant and will hold the cone is a suitable container. Make sure you place the container away from anything flammable, such as curtains, lampshades, or paper.

🌛 Light the smallest end of the incense cone at the tip. You will want to keep the end lit with a flame on it for 30-60 seconds, or until the tip of the cone glows orange *all the way across it* when the flame is extinguished. You want a nice, solid orange glow at the top of the incense cone - once you've established a nice solid orange glow on the top, extinguish the flame by blowing it out, or using a candle snuffer if you prefer. If it is not lit thoroughly before extinguishing the flame, your cone will not burn, it will just go out, so keep it lit with a flame until you achieve that solid orange coal burning.

🌛 After getting the top lit with a strong orange burn and then extinguishing the flame itself, set the incense cone down on your prepared surface or incense cone burner and enjoy!

All incense will produce smoke, but our incense smoke is only pure fragrance, unlike most incense which is made mostly of wood filler. Without wood filler, you get pure fragrance!


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Materials: fragrance oils, essential oils, charcoal.

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