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Jar of Witch's Grave Crossroads Dirt for Witchcraft Spells - Authentic Spell Ingredient Voodoo Ritual Summoning Spirit Soil in Glass Bottle

Jar of Witch's Grave Crossroads Dirt for Witchcraft Spells - Authentic Spell Ingredient Voodoo Ritual Summoning Spirit Soil in Glass Bottle

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...You find yourself at a crossroads...

This crossroads dirt is very unique and energetic, because of its source here in Missouri, near the Witch's Grave in the woods where we get our one-of-a-kind graveyard dirt. To get to the Witch's Grave, you have to travel through the deep backwoods near Lake of the Ozarks, whereupon you will find a small grove and a well-beaten path. This path intersects with another old Native American burial site path, and this is where we source this powerful crossroads dirt.


If you journey deep into the backwoods of the Ozarks of Missouri, in the United States, you will find a small trail off of a service road that will lead you deeper into the woods outside of AA Highway in Henry County. This small trail is littered with bones of small animals and seems to lead nowhere, but if you stay on the trail until near the end, then leave the trail to head west, you will eventually discover a mysterious gravestone, in the middle of the woods (shown in the photos), from the early 1900s. The faded memorial stands alone in the forest, with no other indications of anything else of significance around at all.

Local legend alleges that this woman was a village witch who lived outside of a nearby town. She was respected by some but feared by all. When she died, she was buried outside of the city limits, in a most remote area allegedly because the local cemetery would not accept the body, and they wanted the gravesite far from the town.

Now, legend says if you visit the grave on a moonlit night at midnight, especially on Samhain, you can hear cries and moans, as well as unusual animal-like sounds and babies crying. People have said that they have visited on a teenage dare, and have either felt a force or in some cases were allegedly shoved to pushed down by an invisible force.

This small jar of crossroads dirt comes from the path near that very gravesite, from a larger jar I keep of that spirit soil with an iron coffin nail inside to enhance the power of the dirt for spells, spellwork, or ritual ingredients. Labeled, and carefully packaged. Comes in a 15 ml jar that is approximately 2.5" tall and 0.87" wide.


PLEASE NOTE: Each bottle was lovingly crafted by hand, and due to this, the cord/twine that is around the bottle may vary, and the charm will be a pentacle but each pentacle is slightly different. So each container is slightly different, but all have the same crossroads dirt, labeling, bottle, and a pentacle charm attached via a cord or twine (pentacle charm may vary).

Very powerful spell ingredient.

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Materials: energy, crossroads dirt, rock, soil.

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