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Clear Floral Large 10" Resin Athame Dagger Wrapped and Beaded with Wings - Pentacle, Flowers, and Gold Leaf - Pagan, Wiccan, Wicca, Altar

Clear Floral Large 10" Resin Athame Dagger Wrapped and Beaded with Wings - Pentacle, Flowers, and Gold Leaf - Pagan, Wiccan, Wicca, Altar

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This stunning one-of-a-kind athame is an elegant and impressive addition to any witch's altar. Measuring 10" (25.4cm) long, 4" across at the winged crossguards (3⁄5" wide blade), and 3⁄8“ thick, this is a very powerful and beautiful clear floral-embedded, hand-wire-wrapped, and beaded resin dagger.

The Athame is created from clear resin with real pressed flowers embedded into it. A silver metal pentacle is also embedded between the two winged crossguards which can be seen from both sides.

The athame was then carefully hand-wrapped with a gold metal wire which mirrors the elegant floral look of the blade and the handle and nicely compliments the wings. We used five beads in this piece on the wire wrapping, 4 faceted sky blue jade crystal beads, and one larger blue floral glass bead. Attached to the wire on the handle is a large intricate and elaborate gold leaf.

This athame has very feminine, soft, and unique energy about it and in it. We charged it with positive energy, and the combination of metals, gemstones, and flowers makes this a highly effective and helpful part of any pagan's altar tools. While designed for magick and magickal use by Wiccan and Pagan practitioners, this is also a work of art that would make a bold statement simply as decor or as a wall hanging.

Give this athame a new home on your altar today as you will never find another athame like this one again!

Warning: Though made of resin, the tip and edges of the blade of this athame are sharp and hard, please use caution when using. Keep away from children and animals. For Wiccan/Pagan rituals or ritual use, or purely decorative purposes.

If being given as a gift, please let us know during checkout so that we can appropriately present it with gift wrapping. An Athame (ATH-aah-may) is a double-edged dagger, one of several magical tools used for ceremonial or ritual use.

Different traditions have their own requirements for the Athame, but traditionally, the Athame is a double-edged blade. In the past, sometimes a witch's Athame would be an everyday knife to not draw attention to themselves.

The blade is not a sacrificial knife. The Athame's primary use is to direct energy. All our athames are for spiritual practices and ritual purposes; they should not cut anything physically. When building sacred space, it is used to 'cut' the Magic Circle. If things such as herbs or cords need to be cut, another knife called a boline is used.

As a masculine principle, it is used in combination with the chalice (feminine principle), evoking The Great Rite, the act of procreation, a symbol of universal creativity. There are various consecration rituals for a newly acquired Athame, and each Wiccan tradition has its own rite for consecration.

Athames/Wands do not always lie flat depending on their wrapping, crystals, or flowers, but that does not affect use. Due to the way the resin sets, air bubbles can sometimes occur, and the bubbles in this piece actually accent the Athame itself and can be seen in the photos of the Athame.

All pieces pictured are available for immediate sale. Each item is one of a kind, and once sold out, there will be no other like it.

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Our pagan athames are a unique spiritual gift to yourself or as a gift to a loved one. Our ritual tools are infused with love and are inset with accents that can help attract love, money, happiness, health, and luck. The best resin Wiccan or Pagan athame is one that is handmade with positive energy and intent, and these athames are made with only the best for you in mind. Check out our shop at our shop for other Wiccan, Norse, Celtic, and other Pagan paths tools, candles, ritual offering wax melts, crystal and botanical adorned container candles, skull candles, the BEST charcoal incense on , Pagan instant printables such as our Wicca Coloring Book of Shadows, Herbal Guides, Spells, Book of Shadows Pages, and more!

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