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Charcoal Disks for Incense Resin and Herb Burning - Pack of 10 Coal Briquettes - 10 Tablets per Roll - Quick Lighting, Slow Burning

Charcoal Disks for Incense Resin and Herb Burning - Pack of 10 Coal Briquettes - 10 Tablets per Roll - Quick Lighting, Slow Burning

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These are the best charcoal resin incense-burning disks that we have found! In fact, these are the same charcoal tablets we use for burning our incense, resins, sage, and other herbs here at Ozark Moons, now available through Ozark Moons. There are 10 tablets per pack, and each tablet will burn for approximately 1 hour. These have the "quick light" feature so that when you light it, it will spark across the surface to light the entire puck, so make sure you are using the proper tongs to pick up and light these incense tablets with, otherwise, they will quickly burn your fingers.


Check out our quick video of how to use charcoal incense tablets:

To use these, obtain or create a fire-proof charcoal incense resin burner. You can create one using a fire-proof (ceramic, metal, etc) container with sand, salt, or rocks in the bottom. Make sure the incense burner you choose or design is in an area that is not near a smoke detector, or anything flammable such as drapes or furniture. Using your incense tongs, pick up the incense tablet, and hold it over a candle or flame (we don't recommend a lighter or match as it will throw some light sparks when lit that could burn your fingers if they are close!) until the charcoal tablet lights and the entire disk is lit. (The flame you light it with may be "blown out" when the disk lights due to the combustion, that's normal!) At Ozark Moons, we hold the disk over the flame for approximately 15-20 seconds with our tongs to make sure the entire puck is well-lit.

Then carefully place the tablet in your charcoal incense burner with the side with the indention in it face up, and the curved convex side down facing the bottom of the incense burner. Place your chosen resin incense such as Frankincense, Myrrh, Dragon's Blood, or herbs such as Sage or Patchouli onto the tablet in the center of the indentation. Only use a little at a time or you will be overwhelmed by smoke! When you see the smoke begin to completely dissipate, you can add more as needed.

These are not needed for our charcoal incense cones or sticks, those are self-burning and only require an incense burner to use. We are offering these as a courtesy to our customers looking for very well-made high-quality charcoal incense tablets.

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