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BRIGID (Brigit) 16oz Celtic Goddess of Healing, Poetry, and Blacksmithing Offering Candle - Ylang Ylang, Nutmeg, Musk - Witch, Wicca, Pagan

BRIGID (Brigit) 16oz Celtic Goddess of Healing, Poetry, and Blacksmithing Offering Candle - Ylang Ylang, Nutmeg, Musk - Witch, Wicca, Pagan

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BRIGID - Celtic Triple Goddess of Healing, Poetry, Fertility, and Blacksmithing

This is part of our Gods & Goddesses series of candles, a 16 fl. oz. candle scented with a unique blend of Ylang Ylang blossoms, bright musk, and a touch of nutmeg. Comes decorated with eco-friendly glitter and/or mica powder. Topped with carnelian crystal chips and calendula petals to make this the perfect offering candle to Brigid or Imbolc ritual candle.

Comes in a 16 oz wide flat round candle tin (black-colored) with a lid featuring a Brigid's Knot.

Brigit is the daughter of Dagda, the protector of the tribe, and Morrigan, another triple mother Goddess, and she is one of the Tuatha De Danann, which means people of the Goddess Danu. Brigit owned an apple orchard in the Otherworld, and her bees would bring their magical nectar back to earth for her. Her power is manifested through bees, and there are stories that Brigit helped those in need by sending her bees toward those trying to cause harm, sending them fleeing. It is also said that wherever Brigit walked, small flowers and shamrocks would appear behind her, which is no surprise as she is of Irish and Celtic descent. Goddess Brigit also invented whistling, which she used to summon her friends by her side.

Brigit’s themes are health and inspiration. Her symbol is a cauldron. Anyone desiring fertility, health, or creativity should invoke Brigit’s blessings today, as the ancients did.

Brigit is said to have been born at the exact moment of daybreak, She rose with the sun, Her head radiant with rays of luminous light, associating Her with ascended awareness, enlightenment, new beginnings, sunbeams, and warmth. She is celebrated on Imbolc, falling on February 1 or 2, celebrating the return of the light and the coming of spring. Thus Her solar aspects may also represent Brigit as the Promise of Spring, the Bringer of Light after the dark months of winter. This energy brings with it HOPE, renewed enthusiasm, renewal, and new beginnings.

Brigit is a Goddess of Celtic and Irish mythology. She has many names and many different spellings. Here are some of her many names:

❧ Brigit
❧ Brigid
❧ Brighid
❧ Brighde
❧ Bride
❧ Breo Saighead
❧ Brigindu
❧ Brigantia
❧ Braga
❧ Braganca
❧ Brigantis
❧ Bregenz
❧ Celtic Goddess of Fire
❧ Brigit of Kildare
❧ Brigit of Ireland


General: Fire (especially sparks, sudden flames), hearth, forge, light, candles, sunrise, springs and wells, poetry, whistling, embroidery, arrows, bells, thresholds and doorways, sandstone rock formations (i.e. large monoliths like those found at Stonehenge), St. Brigid’s cross, cloak, midwifery, middle of winter (Imbolc), corn dolls, and the number 19.

Elements: Fire, water

Preferred colors: Red, yellow, orange, blue, white, black

Associated Symbol: Eternal Flame, mantle, well

Animals: White, Red-eared cow, lambs and ewes, dairy cows, bees, owls, serpents (especially two entblackd), and all hibernating animals (i.e. snakes, badgers, groundhogs).

Plants: Dandelion, snowdrop, crocus, trillium, acorns and oak tree, corn, oat, sage, pumpkin seeds, heather, chamomile, broom, shamrock, rushes, straw, and all field flowers.

Gems and Metals: Gold, brass, silver, carnelian, agate, copper, amethyst, jasper, and rock crystals.

Best Day to Work with: Friday

Best Time to Work with: Sunrise

Scent: Precious woods freshly ground nutmeg with exotic musk and Ylang Ylang blossoms.

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✨Ozark Moons candles and wax melts are HAND-POURED with LOVE AND POSITIVE ENERGY and shipped directly from the OZARKS of Missouri in the heart of The United States✨

✨Each of our products is crafted individually in our home studio in our tiny home in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri and made to order using a unique custom blend of eco-friendly waxes – allowing for the maximum fragrance load possible and providing a long-lasting scent; that is earth (and lung) friendly!✨

DURING WARMER MONTHS, we can't guarantee that USPS will deliver your candles before they melt slightly. If this occurs, try putting the melts or candle into your refrigerator for a few minutes before opening or using your wax melts or candle. If a lot melts or you have any other issues, please don't hesitate to contact us through Etsy messages with a photo of the item, and we will absolutely make it right with you!


Each candle and wax melt we make is individually handmade to order when your order is placed, therefore each is a work of art, and may not look exactly like the product photos, but will still have the same perfect intent for the deity, sabbat, or zodiac sign of your choice. Botanicals may vary by availability but will still be appropriate for the candle or wax melt of your choice. Charms received will vary.

Materials: wax blend, fragrance oils, crystals.

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