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BLACK EYED SUSAN Seeds - Yellow Annual Rudbeckia hirta Seed Homegrown in Missouri Garden - Gardening, Planting, Flower, Flowers, Yellow

BLACK EYED SUSAN Seeds - Yellow Annual Rudbeckia hirta Seed Homegrown in Missouri Garden - Gardening, Planting, Flower, Flowers, Yellow

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Bright yellow Black-Eyed Susan flower seeds ready to plant! From our own Black-Eyed Susan plants straight from the Ozarks of Missouri. Freshly dried and grown with natural compost, no chemicals or GMOs, in my own garden.

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COMMON NAME: Black-Eyed Susans
GENUS: Rudbeckia
SPECIES: hirta
DESCRIPTION: Attract Butterflies, Easy To Grow, Attract Pollinators, Bee Friendly, Deer Resistant, Low Maintenance, Good For Cut Flowers, Good For Containers, Extended Bloom Time (more than 4 weeks), Great For Mass Plantings

Black Eyed Susan is a popular wildflower in gardens, especially pollinator gardens.

The plant has little fragrance and resembles small sunflowers. They are also often found in prairies and along country roads.

Its height makes it convenient for flower arrangements. The plant is widely used in borders, rock gardens, and informal country cottage-style gardens. Black-Eyed Susan is a good candidate for a naturalistic garden because its nectar attracts birds, bees, and butterflies.

It thrives in full sun but can tolerate some partial shade. They will grow in almost any type of soil, and enjoy water but are somewhat drought-tolerant being a prairie wild flower. Some gardeners recommend deadheading to encourage further flowering. The plant is self-seeding.

SOWING: In the Spring scatter the Black-Eyed Susan seeds on weed-free soil where you want them to grow.

You may cover lightly with soil, but not much as they need light and water to germinate. Keep them watered and watch for the seedlings.

Thin the seedlings once they reach 3 inches tall to 12 inches apart. Thinning helps prevent fungal disease and lets the plants grow healthily. They will bloom the same year they are planted. They get to about 7 to 18 inches tall depending on where they are planted.

Seeds are bagged and handled with gloves and mask on clean surfaces to prevent any contamination. Seeds were gathered on August 19th, 2022, so these seeds are exceptionally fresh.

If you have any questions, please ask. Bags contain 100% pure dried Black Eyed Susan Seeds. Shipping costs are for the actual cost of shipping plus a 25 cent fee for packaging costs.

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