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Authentic Jar of Combat Soldier's Grave Graveyard Dirt for Witchcraft Spells Spell Hoodoo Voodoo Ritual Summoning Spirit Soil in Bottle

Authentic Jar of Combat Soldier's Grave Graveyard Dirt for Witchcraft Spells Spell Hoodoo Voodoo Ritual Summoning Spirit Soil in Bottle

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A combat soldier's graveyard dirt for spells, spellwork, and rituals from the United States Air Force Chief Master Sgt., who had fought in both the Korean and Vietnam wars. This veteran's grave soil comes from a remarkable man named John Bolderson, who was born in September 1927 and died on the day before Independence Day in 1988. He is now laid to rest at the Rock Island Arsenal National Cemetary in Rock Island, Illinois.

You can see his grave online at

John was my father, and as he was born and raised in the Ozarks of Missouri, he taught me many of the folklore and superstitions that helped me along my pagan spiritual path, so this graveyard dirt has EXCEPTIONAL energy!💫✨

Mr. Bolderson was an honorable and well-respected soldier who took his military career very seriously, and he flew many missions in both the Korean and Vietnamese conflicts. Born and raised in a very rural log cabin in the middle of the Missouri woods near Cape Girardeau, Missouri in 1927, John was an avid hunter and trapper, which led to his becoming enlisted in the USAF in the 1950s. He was always proud to be a soldier and the power of his residual energy to protect, serve, guard, and fight when necessary remains infused in the soil at his gravesite and is contained within this ritual graveyard dirt from a solider which can be used for very powerful spells. John died a veteran at the age of 60 years old from heart disease, PTSD, and other service-related illnesses.

This small jar of graveyard dirt comes from that very gravesite, from a larger jar I keep of that spirit soil with an iron coffin nail inside to enhance the power of the dirt for spells, spellwork, or ritual ingredients. Labeled, and carefully packaged. Comes in a 15 ml jar that is approximately 2.5" tall and 0.87" wide.

As this is cemetery soil for spiritual and religious use (or decor/oddities), a little goes a long way, and it can be used for powerful protection spells and protection spellwork, guarding a person or place, offensive spells, protection from enemies, spiritual and psychic attacks, and much more.

I only have a limited amount of these.

PLEASE NOTE: Each bottle was lovingly crafted by hand, and due to this, the cord/twine that is around the bottle may vary, and the charm will be a pentacle but each pentacle is slightly different. So each container is slightly different, but all have the same graveyard dirt, labeling, bottle, and a pentacle charm attached via a cord or twine.

Very powerful spell ingredient.


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