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16 oz Candle ARTEMIS aka Diana Goddess of the Hunt and the Moon Offering With Moonstone & Mugwort - Pagan Wiccan Wicca Witch Witchy

16 oz Candle ARTEMIS aka Diana Goddess of the Hunt and the Moon Offering With Moonstone & Mugwort - Pagan Wiccan Wicca Witch Witchy

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ARTEMIS (in Greek Pantheon) - aka Diana (in Roman Pantheon) - Goddess of the Hunt and Moon

This is a perfect offering of wax melts or candles for Artemis, which carries a soft fragrance of sandalwood, soft suede, and musk. These are embedded with small moonstone gemstone chips along with freshly dried mugwort leaves.

Comes in a wide flat 16 oz black-colored candle tin with an Artemis design.

Artemis is the Greek goddess of the hunt, wilderness, moon, and archery. She is the twin sister of the god Apollo and one of the Twelve Olympian gods who live on Mount Olympus. She spends much of her time in the forest surrounded by animals such as hunting dogs, bears, and deer. In addition to Artemis, she was also referred to as Cynthia, Luna, and Phoebe—and by her Roman name, Diana.

Artemis is generally pictured as a young girl wearing a knee-length tunic and armed with her bow and arrow. She often is shown accompanied by forest creatures such as deer and bears. When traveling, Artemis rides a chariot pulled by four silver stags.

Like all the Greek Olympic gods, Artemis was immortal and very powerful. Her special powers included perfect aim with the bow and arrow, the ability to turn herself and others into animals, healing, disease, and control of nature.

Despite not having any kids of her own, she was often considered the goddess of childbirth. She was also the protector of young girls until they became married.
Artemis was the first of the twins born. After being born, she helped her mother with the birth of her brother Apollo.

Scent: Sandalwood, Suede, Musk
Accents: Moonstone chips and mugwort leaves


Each candle and wax melt we make is individually handmade to order when your order is placed, therefore each is a work of art, and may not look exactly like the product photos, but will still have the same perfect intent for the deity, sabbat, or zodiac sign of your choice. Botanicals may vary by availability but will still be appropriate for the candle or wax melt of your choice. Charms received will vary.

Materials: crystals, herbs, flowers, soy wax, coconut wax blend, glitter, semi precious gemstones, positive energy, fragrance oils, cotton wick, moonstone chips, mugwort leaves.

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