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Witches Healing Herbs 118 Herb Printable PDF Guidebook for Pagans and Wiccans

Witches Healing Herbs 118 Herb Printable PDF Guidebook for Pagans and Wiccans

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Large 64-page printable Medical and Healing Herbs Magickal Guidebook in PDF format, which includes 188 different magickal herbs for esoteric and healing uses.

Instantly available for download and print after payment. Ideal for pagans, Wiccans, and practitioners of Wicca, New Age, and Magical Souls.

Includes herbs such as agrimony, mint, devil's claw, wormwood, yarrow, and more with highly accurate drawings and illustrations of each herb, as well as precautions, contraindications, and traditional uses.

For entertainment purposes only, not meant to replace professional medicine or medical opinions.

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