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LUNA 8 oz Candle Roman Goddess of the Moon With Moonflowers and Moonstone - Pagan Wiccan Candles for Offering and Rituals Witch Witchy

LUNA 8 oz Candle Roman Goddess of the Moon With Moonflowers and Moonstone - Pagan Wiccan Candles for Offering and Rituals Witch Witchy

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LUNA - Roman Goddess of the Moon

Our Luna fragrance is perfect for goddess Luna, with an earthy and mysterious fragrance that's simply mystical. Even in candle form, the scent resembles the burning of HEM Moon incense. Describing the fragrance in its entirety can prove to be quite demanding as it is composed of a variety of notes. At first, the scent may seem like burning incense, but upon taking a closer whiff, you can pick up on the earthy undertones of Oak, Sugar Pine, Patchouli, Sandalwood, and Clove.

Adorned with stunning moonstone chips and delicate dried white moonflowers and poured into a beautiful 8 oz black and gold candle tin with a decorative lid.

The Roman Goddess Luna embodies the Moon and forms a powerful Triple Goddess triad with Diana and Hecate. Her influence extends far beyond the heavens as she governs the cycles of life and the tides of the ocean. Luna's magickal abilities include intuition, creativity, luck, femininity, and safety during travel.

On a Blue Moon, Luna's power is even more potent, capable of performing miracles. Join in the celebration of Luna on March 31st, just as our ancestors did at Her Temple "Night-Shiner".

To honor Luna today, adorn your altar with white and silver, light white candles, and offer white flowers, milk and honey, grain, fruit, perfume, and/or white wine. Incorporate her symbols of silver or white items, water, moon images, and the number 13 into your tribute.

Scent: Incense (specifically HEM-type incense), Silver Pine, Clove
Accents: Moonflowers and Moonstone

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We take great pride in creating each candle and wax melt individually by hand when your order is placed. As a result, each piece is a unique work of art that may differ slightly from the product photos, but will still embody the perfect intention for the corresponding deity, sabbat, or zodiac sign. While botanicals may vary based on availability, they will always be appropriate for the selected candle or wax melt. The charms included will also vary.

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