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BARON SAMEDI 4 oz Loa of Resurrection and the Dead Voodoo Offering Loa Candles with Black Tourmaline and Tobacco - Voudon Ritual Supplies

BARON SAMEDI 4 oz Loa of Resurrection and the Dead Voodoo Offering Loa Candles with Black Tourmaline and Tobacco - Voudon Ritual Supplies

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BARON SAMEDI, Consort of Maman Brigitte, Loa of Life, Death, and Resurrection, Leader of the Gede

These candles have been crafted with the Baron in mind, boasting a unique blend of fragrances that include smoke, tobacco, vanilla, incense, and a hint of rum and cologne. The candles are elegantly presented in a black and gold 4 oz candle tin that features a Baron Samedi veve on the lid. They have also been adorned with black tourmaline crystals and a light sprinkling of hand-dried leaf tobacco, making them an exquisite addition to any altar space.

Baron Samedi, also known as Baron Saturday, Baron Samdi, Bawon Samedi, or Bawon Sanmdi, is a Loa in Haitian Vodou. He belongs to the family of Loa of the Dead, which includes Baron Cimetière, Baron La Croix, and Baron Criminel. He is the head of the Gede family of Loa and works alongside his brothers, Azagon Lacroix and Baron Piquant. Baron Samedi is married to Maman Brigitte, and together they act as guardians of history and heritage.

In Haitian Vodou, Baron Samedi is typically depicted wearing a black tailcoat, a top hat, dark glasses, and cotton plugs in his nostrils, resembling a corpse dressed for burial. He is known for his disruptive behavior, debauchery, and obscene humor. He has a particular fondness for tobacco and rum. Baron Samedi is also the Loa of resurrection and is often called upon for healing by those close to or approaching death. Only he can accept an individual into the realm of the dead.

Baron Samedi spends most of his time in the invisible realm of Vodou spirits. He is notorious for his outrageous behavior, continuously swearing and making filthy jokes to other souls. Despite being married to Maman Brigitte, he often chases after mortal women. He loves smoking and drinking and is rarely seen without a cigar in his mouth or a glass of rum in his bony fingers. Baron Samedi can usually be found at the crossroads between the worlds of death and the living. When someone dies, he digs their grave and greets their soul after they have been buried, leading them to the underworld.

Baron Samedi is the leader of the Gede, a family of Loa with particular connections to ancestor worship, magic, and death. These lesser spirits are dressed similarly to Baron Samedi and are as rude and crude as him but not nearly as charming. They assist in carrying the dead to the underworld.

Scent: smoke, tobacco, smoked tonka bean, vanilla, rum
Crystals: Black Tourmaline
Herb: Tobacco (not smokable, soaked in wax)
✨Ozark Moons candles and wax melts are HAND-POURED with LOVE AND POSITIVE ENERGY and shipped directly from the OZARKS of Missouri in the heart of The United States✨

✨Each of our products is crafted individually in our home studio in our tiny home in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri and made to order using a unique custom blend of eco-friendly waxes – allowing for the maximum fragrance load possible and providing a long-lasting scent; that is earth (and lung) friendly!✨

Candle Instructions: Always keep wick trimmed back to under 1/4" (6.35mm) at all times, before and during burning. Do not burn for longer than 4 hours at a time. Discontinue use when the overall wax level falls to 1/4" (6mm) or less in the bottom of the container. Caution - the container can get scalding. Please burn on heatproof safe surfaces away from children and pets. Do not allow melted wax to contact skin as burns may occur.

Warnings: Never leave melting wax unattended - the wax, when melted, is scalding hot and is flammable. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Never add water or any foreign substance to your warmer bowl. Do not eat or ingest wax. Avoid skin contact with melted wax. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for your specific wax warmer.

DURING WARMER MONTHS, we can't guarantee that USPS will deliver your candles before they melt slightly. If this occurs, try putting the melts or candle into your refrigerator for a few minutes before opening or using your wax melts or candle. If a lot melts or you have any other issues, please don't hesitate to contact us through messages with a photo of the item, and we will absolutely make it right with you!

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